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Canada Geese


A pleasant almost monochromatic color palette.  It was the most striking feature about this whole scene as was the color of the water that cool day in late fall.  The water was reflecting the seasonal colors of the trees in the background which blended beautifully with the geese's natural color for that time of year.  It was also a clear day as indicated by the blue sky reflection in the water.  As common as the Canada Goose is, this scene has always appealed to  me as an attractive way to present these in their preferred habitat.

Prints are available in the size of your choice, on sale now starting at $55 for an 8x10, tax and shipping not included.  Available through the number below.

The original art is a 24x16 acrylic painting priced at $1,250.  Painted on illustration board, matted and framed.  If interested in the original, please contact Dan directly via the contact page, or just call 919-790-7830.

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