Cool car. The LC500.  Note the tag-line reflection in the hood, sign shown in full image below.

Here are most of the images used to create the finished art (finished art in center).

I did all design work on this piece, as well as illustration.  All imagery was airbrush illustrated.

All design work on this piece by Dan Johnson Art.  All lighting effects, sky, car reflection, background and foreground, were done in Photoshop.

The car was photographed locally and just dropped into the background.  Note the car reflection.  Also note car placement, sizing, and composition overall.  A fun project!

A complicated piece intended to show the phone system being featured.  All of the imagery, the boards, the chips, shadows, was created in Photoshop.  Everything else, type, charts, graphs, lines, was placed in Illustrator.  The idea was to give the technical schematic a bit of visual appeal.

Another cool car pic.  A 56er I believe.  In Central Park no less.  I think it's Central Park though I am not absolutely sure!  The background was purchased online, the car was photographed locally.  All images created by Dan Johnson Art.

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