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Cool car. The LC500.  Note the tag-line reflection in the hood. Sign shown in full image below.

Below are most of the images used to create the finished art (shown in center).


All design work on this piece, as well as illustration by Dan Johnson Art.  Illustration was multimedia, mostly airbrushed.


Ad design, photography, retouch, color design, headline, all donut consumption by Dan Johnson Art. The only thing I didn't do is the logo. 

All design work on this piece by Dan Johnson Art.  All lighting effects, sky, sky reflection on car, background and foreground, were rendered in Photoshop.

MacArthur cover.jpg

All design work on this piece copyright Dan Johnson Art.  This is a portfolio piece only, non-contracted.  Author name sole property of author.


A simple product illustration rendered completely in Photoshop. No photography used, logo was taken from 2d source.


The car was photographed locally and dropped into the background.  Reflection was added in Photoshop.  Note car placement, sizing, and composition overall. Also note the car's perspective matches it's placement in the image!  A common error by many retouchers is composing an image within an image with perspectives which don't match.  Dan is skilled at spotting this, and corrects it, routinely.

The car color was tinted just a bit to reflect time of day.  The original car color can be seen in the front fender on the right.

red rod leaves2.jpg

Cool car pic. One of my favorites.  Lots of color editing on this one. Car was photographed locally, siloed, and dropped into a background purchased online.


A piece intended to show the phone system being featured.  All of the imagery; the boards, the chips, and shadows, was created in Photoshop.  Everything else; type, charts, graphs, lines, was placed in Illustrator.  The idea was to give the technical schematic a bit of visual appeal.

Another cool car pic, image and design created by Dan Johnson Art.  A 56'er I believe, in Central Park.  The background was purchased online, the car was photographed locally.  Car perspective left as is intentionally.  Note leaf reflection detail added to front bumper. A good example of paying attention to detail!!!


CARPIX.COOL is no longer published.

yellow trees flyer2.jpg

The original gray background (upper left) was dropped out in the first round of retouch.  The client's preference was a white background. The fire shows better with a black or dark grey background, so I took it a step further as shown below. There are better solutions than a black background for showing jewelry, used here only to illustrate a simple solution.

GwenH web.jpg
Client wanted to create a display tribute to family member's military tour of duty. To tell the story. Hard copy provided was the maps and photos. Design created included composition, shadows, softening of map edges, and bringing numerous photos to a good restoration level for presentation, while retaining variation in degree of restoration so as to enhance visual interest, and the "shoebox saved photos" feel.
Finished print size was approximately 20x30".
Mallieposterweb 10.jpg
Design. Some retouch such as evening out skin tones and simplifying overall color palette.
icecream6 web.jpg
Analog art of old. Banana flavor added in Photoshop.
logo wix.jpg
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