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flip girl03.jpg

Girl at lake.
Just a retouch sample. Please note the following edits:
The usual facial works, including; skin blemishes, lightening around the eyes, smoothing upper eyelids, brought back some youth to face, detailed tooth gap, smoothed neck and lips, glare reduction overall.
Other items include: r
eplaced water pipe and evened up shoreline just a bit. Also, lightened horizon and added gradation to foreground/sky for more depth. Nothing extensive, but improvements worthwhile.
Thanks for taking a look.  This image has fairly good rez, so if you download and view in Photoshop, you can see a lot more detail.


This image is from the Simple Flying site, just to give a sample.  Admittedly simple moves, but made quickly, with skill, nonetheless, and some art direction.
The result is an image more pleasant to look at.  Time not taken to add clouds which would give the image more interest, but I would take the client's or AD's direction on that move.

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